EGC Clambake for January 20, 2006

Here is the Bittorrent link and direct MP3 download for the EGC clambake for January 20, 2006.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have the return of an old friend! I interview John Mark King and we premiere a new Rocket City Riot song; I play a promo for the Balticon Podcast; I talk about Kevin Smith and the Clerks 2 videoblog; I play a song from Neon Christ and talk about my younger days in Atlanta; I play a quote from Tiffany Schlain on Tech Nation; I play a quote from Monty Roberts via the Authors on Tour podcast; I play a new Michelle Malone song; I entreat people to join my Frappr map and we head on out.

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3 thoughts on “EGC Clambake for January 20, 2006”

  1. Robert Hart says:


    Linc Fessenden at the Linux Link Tech Show has been playing with a couple of video cam toys that are in your price range. Check:



  2. Eddie Dickey says:

    That reading from Monty Roberts was very very powerful. I’m glad you played the song from Michelle Malone afterwards. It’s hard to put into words, but the music was… comforting.

  3. Chris Cooper says:

    I agree with your Moira comments. After listening to her interview Ray Kurzweil, I gave up on her. Moira’s style has been called “thoughtful and light”, but it seems just light and wishy washy. I also think she injects herself too heavily into the interviews instead of letting the story be told.

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