Uplifter Lives!

The basic framework of the Uplifter stuff exists. There is now a wiki and a group blog. Anyone that is interested should feel free to contribute to either or both. The one thing about both is that they require registration to participate. I thought about this and think that for this particular deal, it makes sense that contributors shouldn’t be anonymous. Let me know if anyone has any different thinking on that.

For now, I remain as busy as the recent baseline so I set up the framework but probably won’t be contributing heavily as of yet. If you want to join the blog as a contributor, let me know and we’ll get that set up. This is all pretty fluid and I’m letting the movement discover its own identity as we go, so things are pretty general. Like any good garage band, we’ll tune up as we play. Onward, uplifters!

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Dave Slusher is a blogger, podcaster, computer programmer, author, science fiction fan and father. Member of the Podcast Hall of Fame class of 2022.

7 thoughts on “Uplifter Lives!”

  1. Dave, it would be good to quickly post something basic to that wiki about what uplifting is (i.e. on the “what is uplifting” page, which is currently functionally blank. I read your blog but don’t listen to your mp3’s so I have no idea what you’re talking about. The above link explains quite a bit, so if you agree with that, then paste it in … Sounds great to me!

    BTW, re the Gibson quote, one of *my* favorite all time quotes (has led my old home page for a decade) is:

    “The future is stupid.” — Jenny Holzer

    To thought of in the following context: the education system has collapsed, the concept of striving for understanding via education is under attack, and this will only get worse in the future.

  2. Thanks, Ken.

    Chris, I did it but it begs a question. In the time it took you to post telling me to do it, you could have done it. So why tell me? Just do it. As much as possible, I’d like this movement to be a leaderless Ursula LeGuin style utopic anarchy of equally empowered citizens.

  3. Now that I’m using an RSS aggregator again, I’ve subscribed to the blog and blog comment feeds. I think I’ll grab the comment feed here too.

  4. I read the platform and it almost all seems great. I was a little curious why the part about being pragmatic was included though. It seems we must be pragmatic to survive and get along but it also can go against our principals and thus be wrong. Pragmatism is something which bothers and torments me. We must make compromises yet we shouldn’t make compromises.

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