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When I set up the Uplifter weblog I downloaded the current WordPress and went to work. That happens to be version 2.0, and I have to say it is quite sweet. I love the live preview of themes that lets you “try before you buy.” It sure beats the old method of changing them in public, and deciding which one you like on your live site. All in all, I pretty much like ever single aspect of it. I’ve been avoiding upgrading the existing sites because I’ve heard reports of it being hairy and I’m not in any particular hurry. Still, I’m highly impressed with the improvements from 1.5.X to 2.0. Nice work, WordPress folks!

One thing I have done is installed and/or activated Akismet on every blog I control. I think it is included by default with the 2.0 download. Very nice, I haven’t had to moderated a comment spam on any blog since I started. I had been doing between 30 and 100 every single day, and since flipping that switch across 3 blogs there has been a 0% false positives and 0% false negatives. I’ve been using Razor on my email spam for years highly effectively and now this brings that same technique to comment spam. Sweet day in the sunshine, it’s about time.

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