Train Keeps Rolling

Man, the thing between me and Steve Gillmor just won’t die. Steve talked about it for a looooooong time in this week’s Gillmor Gang, and even Dan Farber mentions it on ZDNet. Steve’s outlook seems to be as long as people talk about you and link to you, it doesn’t matter if they think you are brilliant or an idiot, so I guess I’ll take some of each thank you. I believe I am now the tail wagging the dog, and it is either terrible or fantastic and I can’t tell which.

For the record, I find it unbelievable that anyone is pushing back on my outlook. All I am saying is “if you are going to pitch me, tell me more about your products not less.” Isn’t saying “tell me more about what you have to sell me” an advertiser’s wet dream? To respond with “No, we prefer to keep it cryptic” is really missing an opportunity.

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12 thoughts on “Train Keeps Rolling”

  1. Ken Nelson says:

    Of course you know this means I’m compelled to download and listen to this podcast. My trouble will be, whether the podcast sounds like ass natively, or is there a problem with my car’s stereo?

    However it happens,I’m sure that the “gesture economy” will earn yet another #1 sign from me.


  2. I think It’s nice Steve is giving you so much attention.

  3. I don’t see why you would download it if it isn’t something you normally subscribe to. I mean, jeez, the dude dissed you and encouraged you ignoring him in the previous comment thread.

    This whole to and fro has become exactly what old media is and new media should not be. The only thing that is left is for Steve to write a book about the “War on Earthlink” and you to do an interview with him whilst you both attack strawmen.

    Might I so humbly suggest that you go back to uplifting and he goes back to being proud of whatever it is he does.

  4. hugh says:

    Do you believe in non-worksafe language? Do you believe in speaking your mind? Do you believe that shorting pin 9 can bring you happiness, or at least unlock an inexpensive camcorder? We’re Evil Genius Chronicles, and we do. Evil Genius Chronicles. We *are* evil, and you better get used to it.

  5. dave says:

    Hugh, that’s hilarious!

    Guys, like I posted yesterday I just can’t understand why wanting to hear more detail about what’s being sold is at all controversial in any way. Que sera.

  6. PJ Cabrera says:


    Sorry if it seemed like I was “pushing back” the other day, I really wasn’t. I just didn’t see what you were getting all worked up about.

    Like I was saying the other day, I just can’t understand why it bugs you so much, that a clueless advertiser is wasting their money and an opportunity, financing a show you like, which wouldn’t be around without advertisers throwing money at it.

    It’s not like you personally invested in the ad and they screwed it up. It’s their loss.

    Are you gonna go in a vendetta now, to fix the wrongs of clueless advertising?

    The only way your reaction to this waste of 20 seconds makes sense, is if you see this clueless ad as a bad influence or putting podcasting or personal media in a bad light. And if that is so, I commend you for caring so much. But you are tilting at windmills, picking a fight over small stuff, when there’s a bigger war abroad.

  7. PJ Cabrera says:

    “Are you gonna go in a vendetta now, to fix the wrongs of clueless advertising?”

    Bad choice of smart-ass comment. Forget I said that.

  8. PJ Cabrera says:

    Ken, Hugh: thanks for the laughs!

  9. Ken Nelson says:

    OK, I made it 20-25 minutes through this 82 minute opus. It featured such items as Steve’s daughter’s being admonished for bouncing a ball in the background, a premature playing of the Earthlink spot which was blamed on Audacity, with a follow up comment of “maybe I’ll leave it like that.” I thought things like that went out with AC’s coffee-slurping. Or does he still do that?

    I’m thankful for the skip button on the iPod.

    I also have a new gesture, which decorum prohibits my elucidating here. Besides, y’all might not be fans of “Pressed Ham.”


  10. Ken Nelson says:

    The preceding gesture was of course directed westward to the GG, and not at the crowd here at EGC. My previous comment may have been imprecise in that regard.


  11. Danny says:

    Sorry to be so late to this thread but I just now had a chance to listen to the relevant Gillmor (Girls) Gang podcast titled “Captain Crunchberry Gang”. I cringe whenever I hear terms like “podosphere” or “blogsophere” but tonight, Steve made me retch like a college freshman at his first kegger with the ultimate in vacuous hyperbole: “mainstreammediaosphere”! Aaaaaahhhhhh!!! Make it stop, please, please make it stop!

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