The Aristocrats

We watched The Aristocrats last night, and as predicted I found it hilarious. After the onslaught of this foul joke over and over, the parts that I really thought were funny were the asides. By the time halfway through that Fred Willard came on in his jacket with a cravat and his pipe, talking psuedo-intellectual mumbo jumbo, I was in stitches.

There were a few versions that really disturbed me, but they weren’t the sexual or scatological ones, it was the violence. When Steven Wright did a telling where the act only involved beating a series of people, I found that troubling. That this is his telling says a lot about Wright and that it bothered me says a lot about me.

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3 thoughts on “The Aristocrats”

  1. jer says:

    The mime version, the juggling version, and especially the card trick version were so frickin’ awesome.

    It may well have been that it was really the first telling of it in the movie, but George Carlin had me rolling.

  2. PJ Cabrera says:

    I gotta see this. I’ve been hearing about it a lot since the year began. And not just on this blog and podcast (you’ve been all over it in the last two months, Dave!)

    As for violence as comedy, you’re not the only one that is offended or disturbed by it. I can’t claim the following expresses the mindset of America, but here goes:

    The really successful Eddie Murphy R-rated comedies could best be characterized by featuring colorful sitcom snippets that were hilarious in their own right, but supported a larger storyline. The Eddie Murphy movies that tanked almost always featured trash-talking and violence for no reason (i.e. the violence and trash monologues did not support a clever plot line, if the movie even had one).

    That’s my opinion anyway. 🙂

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