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Chris Daniel has a “right on” video (you know the kind, you watch it and instinctively shout “right on”) on his vlog.

The comment thread is one of those amazingly fractal experiences, where someone complaining about the video is exactly the thing being commented on in the video. There’s no one and no right way to do this, so crawling Chris’ case for having done a vlog out of re-edited found video (I think the first one I’ve ever seen like that from him) just shows the weird fundamentalism some vlogger types have. It’s a huge tent, why work so hard to push people out from under it?

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4 thoughts on “Observations from the Vlogosphere”

  1. Ken Nelson says:

    I thought it was great! A message, with excellent production value. The message is applicable to many venues.


  2. joepoole says:

    This is probably not the place to post this, however I am lazy. I absolutely love your taste in music, unbelievably good. Your talking drives me crazy though, so my request is less talk, more of your music selects. Or just try to focus more on reviews of bands, that banter I can tolerate.

    joepoole, avid listener despite the talking 🙂

  3. dave says:

    Joe, request heard and denied. It’s a package deal. This is why the skip button was invented, or failing that don’t listen to the show but just follow the links in the show notes to the musicians and create your own show of nothing but the music. Your request gets the same treatment as the people who like the talking but don’t want the music. You liking half of it is better than none, I guess.

  4. Derek says:

    What if all you want is more cowbell?

    OK, that was stupid. Sorry.

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