Outlaw WREK Feeds

Here’s a quick list of all the outlaw, unofficial podcast feeds I have set up for WREK programs.

Personality Crisis; punk, post-punk and what have you: feed

Subgenius mayhem; the Hour of Slack and Bob’s Slacktime Funhouse: feed

Desoto Hour; big band jazz (at 90 minutes not really an hour): feed

Atmospherics; ambient and electronic: feed

Longboards and Longhorns; surf, country, hawaiian, and western soundtracks: feed

Classics; ancient and modern: feed

New Forces; garage and psychedelic rock: feed

Update: I forgot to mention that all of these feeds include the trailing half-hour beyond the nominal endpoint of the show. Because WREKsters are, ummm, non-rigorous with the clock often shows start late and run over by amounts that range from a minute or two up to and including the point where it seems ridiculous. Any given episode of any of these shows may have some of the preceding show in the first part and run into the following show on the back half.

Also, by popular demand I have added feeds for the daily Classics show and for New Forces. OK, one guy apiece asked for them but sometimes that’s all it takes.

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9 thoughts on “Outlaw WREK Feeds”

  1. jer says:

    Very awesome. Thanks for posting these.

  2. Jonas says:

    Aloha Dave,
    I picked up a couple of the feeds and will be listening this week. Have you or any of the readers heard of a service that turns a web page into an RSS feed? I remember hearing about that some time ago, probably last year. I don’t remember who did it or what the service was called. If anyone recalls that service, please reply or maybe Dave will mention it somewhere.

  3. PJ Cabrera says:

    When I was really young, I used to run to the living room and stand smack-dab in front of the TV, whenever the Hawaii Five-O theme song came on. It wasn’t to ogle at the 2 seconds of bikinied butts in the intro (I was much too young and innocent then.) No, it was the music!

    So based on your high recommendation on the podcast and blog, and the fact above, I’ve added Longboards and Longhorns to my podcatcher. It sounds like something I’ll really, really enjoy.

  4. PJ Cabrera says:

    BTW, I tried the Subgenius feed back when you added it, at the beginning of your podcasting days. It just wasn’t my thing. I’m not sufficiently deranged to develop the taste, I guess. 🙂

  5. Ken Nelson says:

    Thanks for posting these; now I have only my characteristic sloth to offer as an excuse for not checking them out.


  6. em says:

    I keep hoping for a WREK Classics feed.

    It’s worth the download time to get it, though. A week’s worth fills up my 1-gig shuffle with room left over for Country Classics and TUC Radio. I’m spared endless cacophony and lame ambient radio.

  7. Chris C. says:

    Cool, I see you caught the Longboard+Longhorns move.

    You really should check out the New Forces Radio Hour. WREK’s best show for a few years now, barely beating out Personality Crisis IMHO. It’s amazing to me that those guys are students — they seem to know waaaay too much garage-era music for their age.

    In addition to the three shows above, the others that I listen to religiously are the entirety of Wednesday night’s programming. I’m sure the Friction/DAM noise is not your cup of tea, but The Mobius has great cutting edge electronic stuff that you’d probably never encounter otherwise, and the PsychOut hour is pretty good, although these days far less interesting than when Scott was doing it originally.

  8. dave says:

    Jonas, there are a number of things like that. I don’t know specifically which thing you want to know more about.

    EM, (a wrekster?), You have your classics feed. It’s just that simple.

    CDC, same for you. I’ll check it out. Back in my proto-podcasting days of scripts that downloaded WREK shows that I burned to CDs, I captured Psych Out. I had a long list at one point, PC and Subgenius stuff, Live @ WREK, Sunday Specials, Psych Out, Underground Recordings, etc. I eventually dropped Psych Out from burnout of too many shows that sounded about the same to me, and Sunday Specials for, umm, low interest density to me and L@W and UR for sheer apathy on my part. I set up the New Forces feed and I’ll try it out.

  9. em says:

    I wrote you under separate cover, but thanks again for hooking me up with WREK Classics. Needless to say, this isn’t a comment, just a reply.

    Yours, ed

    Ed Martin

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