Subgenius Parents in Trouble

As I keep on mentioning here, I’m now an ordained Subgenius minister and an active listener to their various radio ministries. I also subscribe to the Right Reverend Stang’s weblog.

Now I see on there his post about this horrible story about Subgenius parents losing custody of their child because of their participation in X-Day. This is a pretty weird case of a judge who has developed an amazing hatred of the church and is choosing to punish the Bevilacquas for it, despite no evidence of any unfitness as parents and a shaky claim of jurisdiction in the case, even. Follow that link, read the story and at the bottom is a Paypal link to donate to the legal defense fund. I’m off to send them some of the EGC war chest.

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One thought on “Subgenius Parents in Trouble”

  1. tiltededge says:

    I thought this would be a parody but it’s a nightmare. I would love to see a documentary on the group. They have come a long way from the underground cassette tapes.

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