I have now seen the Better Bad News video and it was fantastic. I managed to snag it in the 17 minutes their website was up and running. They must have signed one of those 9.97% uptime deals. Guys, you need to watch the decimal points in those service level agreements.

Whenever their site comes back up, it would be a good idea to save the video to your hard drive as fast as you can because 1) the site will probably be down again soon enough and 2) you are going to want to watch this one more than once. Tighten up your Depends before you do, though, it’s a pants-wetter.

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2 thoughts on “BBN 2”

  1. Dan, I was stupid and did not save it. I have a Firefox window with the video in it, but not a copy on my HD that I can mirror. If/when the website comes up, I’ll capture it, check for a CC license that allows it and mirror it via bittorrent if I can.

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