I saw from references in Technorati and Feedster that I have been made fun of by BetterBadNews!!! Apparently it has something to do with the ongoing conversation between Steve Gillmor and myself about sponsorship. Right on, I love them and am delighted to be the object of their derision. However, when I tried to go look at the site and see how vicious they were towards me (and Steve) I get this:

Site Error

An error was encountered while publishing this resource.

Error Type: MemoryError
Error Value:

Troubleshooting Suggestions

    * The URL may be incorrect.
    * The parameters passed to this resource may be incorrect.
    * A resource that this resource relies on may be encountering an error.

For more detailed information about the error, please refer to the error log.

If the error persists please contact the site maintainer. Thank you for your patience. 

So, who’s got the bad news now, monkey boys?

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2 thoughts on “BetterBadNews!!”

  1. Now you are really starting to impress me you web 2.0 icon. Congrats-you’re really on the sub-genius radar now.

  2. PJ Cabrera says:

    Is the video CC-licensed with proper redist permissions? If so, you could probably torrentify it and put it up on your tracker without legal repercussions. Just an idea, in case their site doesn’t come up soon enough.

    BTW, I agree with BB. You’re a web personality now. 🙂

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