Intelligent Norse Design

Via Bill Shunn comes this cartoon illustrating science vs. religion, Norse style.

Check out the notes below as well which include this funny tidbit:

I would like to issue an official apology to any believers in the Norse faith. I certainly have no wish to get on the wrong side of any Vikings, who historically have not expressed their grievances through letters-to-the-editor. As my friend John Patton pointed out to me, it’s a little foolhardy of me to insult the religion of a seafaring warrior people when I live right on the water.

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5 thoughts on “Intelligent Norse Design”

  1. Fear not mocker of Odin-by the time the Vikings reach the fair weather climes of Beach Myrtle, they’ll be fairly well acculturized. Probably be listening to Jimmy Buffett tunes and giggling from all the Tiki Bar drinks.

  2. BB, that was the cartoonists’ words, not mine.

    Mike, I think the thing about Norse is that they have these fantastically absurd myths. By treating them the same way fundamentalist Christians want their religious beliefs, it makes the issue stand out and begs the question, “what makes your creation myth deserve to be treated like science more than this one?”

  3. if i may ask the question, why bother raising the point once again that religion is different to science?

    every religion in the world is different, not only to every other in religion but also to science.

    May i take u back a few years [in american schools, assuming this is where this cartoon artist is based], the concept of teaching the theory of evolution in schools was abserd. coutesy of the catholic church.

    to riticule the norse beliefs [to which i am a believer] on the basis of creation is not only low, but pointless as each is entitled to their own opinion and a cartoon will not change this, only loose the artist’s credablity.

  4. Niki, The Church of the Subgenius [to which I am a believer] has only one real rule: fuck them if they can’t take a joke. Apply directly to the forehead.

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