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Is anyone else experiencing frequent crashes of NetNewsWire? From the crash reporter stuff, it appears to do with a Flash Player Plugin thing. On certain items in my list, when it attempts to render them the app crashes. It used to be fairly infrequent, now it’s about once a day. Whether that has to do with a situation getting worse on my machine or more people using the thing that makes it crash on their posts, I cannot say. The only recourse I have is to either mark the items as read without displaying them, or zipping past them really quick with the arrow keys such that they get marked read but not rendered. It’s highly annoying, and I get pissed off when I navigate to a new item, and get that sluggishness and swirling beachball because I know what is coming next. I hope those Crash Reporter missives to Apple eventually end up at Ranchero, because I by myself have submitted dozens of them.

Update: Brent Simmons himself left a comment pointing to his own post which explains both the problem and the workaround.

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7 thoughts on “NetNewsWire Crashing”

  1. Ken Nelson says:


    Why not post an URL to a feed that exhibits the problem? I’d be glad to try it out, in the interest of science and tsouris-shooting.
    NNW has been steady as a rock for me.


  2. Ken Nelson says:

    Oops… tsuris-shooting. I’m never so dumb as when I’m trying to act smart.


  3. Ken Nelson says:

    Subscribed, got the most recent posts. Zipped through in NNW in 3-panel “classic mail” mode. No problems here.

    Clicked on each link in the title panel; each post came up fine.


  4. There’s a work-around for the crash — either disable plugins or enable JavaScript (do so for both news items and web pages).

    I posted more about this on my weblog:

    Mark Rowe added the bug to the WebKit bugs list (because it’s a WebKit bug) — you can track the progress here:

    About crash logs — unfortunately, crash logs sent to Apple do not get send to me.

  5. dave says:

    Brent, thanks. That did the trick. Who’d have figured? I never noticed it in Safari because I exclusively use Firefox.

  6. Ken Nelson says:

    I always marvel at how excellent $25 software is vastly better supported than hugely commercial packages costing much more.

    I had one niggling NNW problem a while back, and an NNW forum post fixed it within an hour or two. Brent himself replied to my question there.


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