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Backbeat Media is running a survey about this here show. I know surveys are a drag, but it is fairly short, one page and if you take it at least one (implying if there is a lot of response more than one) of the readers/listeners will be given an iPod Nano. The odds on this are better than your standard sweepstakes, so fire it up and with any luck you’ll walk away with some new gear. Your answers will also help lay out the snares with which future unsuspecting businesses can be caught and forced to become sponsors of this show. However, I wouldn’t expect altruism to motivate anyone, thus the iPod bribery. Take the survey, and may the randomly chosenest person win!

Update: I thought this was how it works, and hearing the most recent Mac Geek Gab confirmed it. There is a Nano in it specifically for the folks that fill out the survey for this show. If you also fill it out for Coverville, you are entered in two drawing for two separate Nanos, and so on for all the Backbeat shows. Not too shabby, compadre. All hail Free Stuff!

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2 thoughts on “Survey Says”

  1. I’m in. In spite of having demonstrably good names in the “rename iPodderx” game, and still not winning, I’m prepared to throw my fortunes to pure random luck of the draw. I wonder, though, if my telling the survey I’m a destitute 95-year-old female who spends 40+ hours per week online, enhances my chances of winning.


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