EGC Clambake For March 11, 2006

Here is the Bittorrent link and direct MP3 download for the EGC clambake for March 11, 2006.

This show is all about the Jonathan Coulton – interview, songs, the works. There’s a little Skype wonkiness but overall the interview was really good and fun.

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Dave Slusher is a blogger, podcaster, computer programmer, author, science fiction fan and father. Member of the Podcast Hall of Fame class of 2022.

11 thoughts on “EGC Clambake For March 11, 2006”

  1. Rock my world-one of my favorite interviewers and interviewees. Great way to start the week!

  2. VCGriffin says:

    Jhonathan Coulton is TOTALY AIRWOLF.
    Chrion Beata prime is my favrotre to this day, I know its nearly spring but I know all the words. Sadly when I try and get my freinds to listen to coulton (or the Little grey book lectures, wich ive personaly put on there Ipod and they still wont listen to it) Just frown at me saying how its totaly a waste of an Ipod. ah well.
    Thanks Dave for a Airwolf interview, From chrion beta prime. 🙂

  3. devs says:

    hi dave! im looking into setting up a torrent tracker. and i think i could benefit from your knowledge.

    could you tell me what swarm sizes you see for an average episode? how much strain on your bandwith does the tracker cause in kb/s (only the tracker, lets say that we already have a distributed copy)?

    appreciate your comments!!

    thanks for providing such a great show!

  4. Jamie Nelson says:

    Dave, Great interview! The two of you really clicked and that’s what makes podcasting so cool. The real deal, smart guys having fun, coming through my ear buds. I’ve been listening to JC and the Thing A Week for a month or two and just think it’s the bomb! Made my day, dude. Thanks.

  5. JP says:

    This is the first show I can remember where you didn’t do something funny with the sponsor. Is there nothing funny you can say about AmigoFish?

  6. dave says:

    I’m worried that if I do, the sponsor will fire me.

  7. Ken Nelson says:

    What would a fish tattoo on its ass, anyhow?


  8. PJ Cabrera says:

    What would a fish tattoo on its ass? A grocer’s scale.

    Scale, fish, get it?

    OK, I’ll give up comedy. 🙂

  9. PJ Cabrera says:

    BTW, Dave, how much is the AmigoFish sponsor paying you? Maybe you can afford to do something funny with the promo after all. 🙂

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