Bad Combo

These last few days have been pretty horrible. Not only has work been crushingly busy with tight deadlines but I have either a cold or bad allergies (or both.) My throat and ears are full of snot frequently and right now I can’t even hear out of my right ear. I really wish we could be taking better advantage of Coastal Carolina’s spring break, but my workload is preventing it. I also wish I could be taking serious antihistamines, but I can’t afford to be drowsy any time except when I am going to bed.

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One thought on “Bad Combo”

  1. Jason says:

    Just stopping in to take a look. I hear your name all over the podsphere and wanted to see what the evil genius was up to. Luck me you have a cold!? Mmmmm snot. D’oh! Anyway, I will have to download some of your chronicles when get home.


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