Actually it’s TGIF for last Friday, too. I’ve been running nonstop at the day job since last week, just now ending today. I think the least I’ve worked in the last 8 days was 10 hours, some days significantly over that. Tomorrow I’ll be offline all day and I’m actually looking forward to it. I have at several points in the last few days, when I was working at midnight and then up at 5 or 6 AM to get back on it, been so exhausted and loopy that my hands shook at the keyboard and eyes would not focus on the screen. This morning, I was up early and wanted coffee but feared that if I drank any it would make me puke with my nervous stomach. Ah, life at a startup! Kids, this glamour can be yours, too.

Tonight, it’s a dinner of rosemary chicken and oven roasted potatoes, to which green food coloring was added to the sauce for entirely silly reasons.

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