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I need help, and whatever anyone can give is good. Because of the very high workload I had the last two weeks, I didn’t get done a lot of the things I wanted to do for promoting the Carolina Uplifter meeting. I have fliers ready to go which I will hang at Coastal Carolina University and also put at Horry-Georgetown Technical if they will let me. I sent the press release to the various newspapers in the immediate area, as well as the South Carolina public radio system and some local TV stations. That isn’t nearly as much as I wanted, but it’s what we got.

Here is the first paragraph of the press release I put out:

The Uplifter Carolina Society will be meeting on March 25th from 1 PM to 5 PM in Conway SC at Port City Java located at 300 Elm Street. This group is devoted to helping interested non-geeks become active with their technology. This gathering will include people to teach how to blog, podcast, and videoblog. If you have wanted to participate in these arenas but weren’t sure how to get started, come to the meeting and learn in a relaxed environment with friendly people.

If you are within driving distance of Conway SC and want to come, you are highly welcome. If you have friends or relatives or colleagues that are in this area and you think might be interested, please forward this information along to them. If you are in the Carolinas and want to sign up to organize a future event in your area, please do it. If you can, please blog about this event and let people know about it and if you know less blogged up people that might benefit from it, take the effort to let them know. The ultimate goal of this movement is to bring new people into this world rather than talk to the already wired, so any help bridging into outreach is highly appreciated.

More information about the movement as a whole is available at the wiki. Don’t forget, the Minneapolis area is having their own meeting at almost the same time.

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  1. Sue says:

    I won’t be able to help for SC, but if you’re planning to come up the I-40 corridor near Greensboro, I can put a group together to work on it. Just LMK and you’ve got my email.

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