Family Oral History

Susan Kitchens, my partner in crime for the flash barbecue, has finally released the first episode of her Family Oral History podcast. I actually listened to this a week or two ago and thought it was quite good, but was too bogged down to blog it. I’m looking forward to hearing more.

One of my great regrets is not sitting down with my great-grandmother and recording her stories. She lived until I was in my mid-20s so I had plenty of opportunities, I just never did it. I heard many of them told to me as a child but I don’t have a record of them. Her life spanned from the Wright Brothers flight at Kitty Hawk, through both wars to end all war, the depression, the civil rights movement and disco. She was born during the presidency of Grover Cleveland and died during that of Bill Clinton.

These stories are part of your life and your older family members won’t be around forever to tell them. If Susan and her work inspires more people to record those stories, that’s a very good thing.

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  1. I listened to it also – I thought it was really good. And I think its a great reason for people to create podcasts..

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