Uplifter Meetings Rev 1

The meetings were Saturday. We had 5 people in South Carolina, and there were 6 people in Minnesota. While that’s not huge, both groups had fun and got some stuff done. They did more citizen media stuff in Minnesota, but a lady in SC also got help with her laptop from a guy who happens to work as a security/spyware specialist. The theory works! Bring what you have, teach what you know, learn what you need indeed.

The next Carolina meeting will be April in Charleston. I learned a few lessons about where to focus resources from this attempt, and maybe we’ll get things working a little better for the next shot. It’s not a bad start. Thanks to everyone that came out, to all who sent their support, and everyone that helped on the wiki and other places. Onward to the future!

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2 thoughts on “Uplifter Meetings Rev 1”

  1. Ken Nelson says:

    Sounds like a good balance. Enough participants to be encouraging, without overwhelming any resources, and also enough so lessons can be learned for the next one.

    Rev 1 was indeed a success. Atta-boys all ’round.


  2. PJ Cabrera says:

    I really thought I would be able to make a surprise appearance, as I had a trip to NYC scheduled earlier that week. The plan was to go to my job interview on Monday, hang out in NYC Tuesday, drive from NYC to Conway on Wednesday and Thursday, rest Friday, attend the meeting Saturday, and fly out of Myrtle Beach on Sunday or Monday.

    But apparently they interviewed and hired someone else. 🙁

    Maybe next time!

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