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Here’s some information for those of you who loved the No Walls song I played back in the episode with William “Kip” DuVall. A few people asked about how they could get the CD, and William pointed me towards the guy who put it out. He’s the owner of the Full Moon Records shop, and he also ran the record label. I called him today, and he told me that he’ll mail order them to anyone on the following deal:

For one CD it is $15 postpaid. For greater than one, he’ll sell them for $10/per CD postpaid. This is for the USA, of course. If you are outside of the USA then I think you’ll need to negotiate on the postage. There is no website for the record store and the label portion is out of business, so in order to get this send your check or money order to:

Full Moon Records
Attn: No Walls CD
1653 McLendon
Atlanta, GA 30307

I’ve owned this CD since it was brand new, and I think it is fantabulous. I highly recommend it if you liked those songs at all. In fact, I’ll play some No Walls on the next show just to prove that to you.

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2 thoughts on “No Walls CD”

  1. Yeah, I love having musical value proven to me-put it on 11, baby!

  2. Tom Cummings says:

    I actually bought the ‘No Walls’ CD from Full Moon, it was weird they only accepted checks/money orders.
    So on Monday I mailed off a check…by that Friday I had a new sealed ‘No Walls’ CD in mint condition waiting in my mail box.
    It’s only an EP but it’s amazing.

    William DuVall now sings for Alice In Chains & can be heard on their awesome CD ‘Black Gives Way to Blue’

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