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With the recent attack of work and busyness, while I’ve kept up pretty well with my podcast listening I’ve fallen way behind on my videoblog watching. The latter takes more attention, and can’t really be done as I sit and work at my day job so that becomes an issue. I went and checked the folder in which I’m storing the things I eventually want to sit down and watch. The files range from Feb 1 to present, and there are 6.85 gigabytes of data in there. Yowza!

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  1. When I started listening to podcasts in late August 2004, I had a similar thing happen to me, but with IT Conversations. I wasn’t listening to all the shows, because some where over an hour long and I thought they were worth listening to carefully. I did make smart playlists that deleted podcasts after they had been listened to. But at the time, didn’t have a way to manage content I wasn’t listening to.

    Over three to four months, from late August 2004 to January 2005, I filled my 20 GB iPod! That’s 8 GB for part of my CD collection as 192K MP3s, 2 GB of iTunes Music Store content converted to unprotected 192K MP3s, 5 GB of indiefeed, music4ipods, and other music podcast content I wanted to keep to listen to again. The rest was filled with new content I hadn’t yet listened, at least 2 GB of which were 3-4 months of unlistened to IT Conversations 1-hour plus stuff I had saved “for when I have time later” (yeah right!)

    Needless to say, now I have better playlist management. I’m an iTunes smart playlist expert! 🙂

  2. Now I have the opposite problem. With my PowerBook away for repairs, going on three weeks now, I haven’t been downloading any podcasts or videoblogs. (I will “manually” download and watch Hak.5 episode #8 on Wednesday night, though. And I’m “here” on your blog to download the EGC I haven’t grabbed in the last few weeks.)

    I have a 2.2 GHz AMD64 Windows/Linux dual booting laptop I keep around for consulting work where I can’t use the Mac. Typically, I need to use the Windows laptop because the customer uses Oracle JDeveloper, IBM WebSphere Studio, MS Visual Studio or SourceSafe, or Perforce SCM. Those and a few other dev tools my customers use, don’t have Mac clients. And Qemu or VirtualPC on a 1.5 GHz PowerPC processor is just too slow for my taste. It’s like I have a 600 MHz Pentium 3 again! 😉

    I did manage to get Mac OS X86 triple booting off of this AMD64 laptop. I restored my apps and user settings from the backup I made of the PowerBook before I sent it to AppleCare. But without SSE3 extensions, the laptop’s CPU can’t run some of the Universal apps I use.

    At least the PPC apps run well through Rosetta, so I could downgrade my Mac apps to non-Universal versions and run that. But I think I’ll just wait for the PowerBook to return from AppleCare, than go through the trouble of downgrading apps one by one. (What I really need is a way to trick Mac OS X86 to run the PPC version of the Universal app. But I haven’t figured out how to do that.)

    So it’s back to square 1. I’ll wait for the PowerBook and will keep manually downloading and listening/watching only stuff I really miss and can’t do without.

    Like EGC! I can’t wait to listen to the latest music you’ve been talking about on here! 😀

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