Shedding Mess

Today I did something long overdue, I cleaned out and reorganized our shed. A lot of stuff was in basically the same spot the movers dropped it in over a year and a half ago. It was to the point where getting in and out and finding things was a challenge, so I unloaded every single thing from it, swept it, and carefully brought things back in. By putting the wire shelves and the cabinet together, it gave more unbroken floor space for other stuff. By making sure the shelves in both were loaded up and packed densely (less commonly used items at the back, more common up front) we managed to get a lot better use of the storage. We already had pegboards but there was so much stuff piled in front of them them that they were unreachable.

By purchasing some pegs and one of those plastic tall garden tool holders, we were able to get a lot of the stuff that was previously scattered around off the floor and hanging on the walls. The basic goal of increasing packing density was achieved, as was making sure the most useless crap did not go back in. Now all the stuff is back in with at least half of the floor space open. We can do even better, if we either put up more pegboard or put some hooks in the rafters so that infrequently used yet bulky things (like the bike carrier for the car) can be hung up out of the way.

The thing I learned today – there are different sizes of pegboard, and for some unknown reason the folks that put up the shed put in two different kinds. That makes so little sense that I’m almost willing to rip the second kind out, get some more and put it up. Why have two different sets of pegs that you can’t use interchangeably? Standards, people, standards.

I’m tired and about ready to nap on the couch, but the final result is very pleasing. Next weekend, I’ll do the same thing but in my office.

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