Videoblogging Week 2006

I’m not sure how I managed to miss this, but we are smack dab in Videoblogging Week 2006. I guess he is coordinating it, or at least that blog is maintained by Steve Garfield. It lasts from April 3-9.

Here’s what I’m going to do to celebrate. I have a lot of footage that I’ve shot in the last 6 months. I had planned to work on my Converge South video during the Uplifter meeting but never had enough time to sit and concentrate on it. I have an iMovie project with all the raw footage imported, and was shocked to find there was over 45 minutes of it. Saturday morning, I am going to get up and start editing that. By noon, I will publish what I have, imperfect as it may be. I hope to get it down to about 5 minutes or less. If it is to be the “Week of Vlogging Dangerously”, then that will be my brush with danger. Editing without a net, baby!

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2 thoughts on “Videoblogging Week 2006”

  1. Cool-look forward to seeing it. Happy editing. Can you say, “Week of Vlogging Dangerously” five times fast?

  2. mike dunn says:

    i shoot tons of video, and then sit on it until i have time to edit – this life getting in the way of “authentic media” production is a drag sometimes 😉

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