Video Sad Sack

I must be the saddest possible entrant in Videoblogging Week. I actually didn’t even notice until it was over this thing about doing it daily, I didn’t even hear about it at all until it was halfway over. For me, getting a single vlog published during the week was a lot. However, my published vlog is still not accessible as of Monday morning. When my workday is over, I’ll check on the status and file the “missing media” thing with OurMedia if it hasn’t come on line.

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3 thoughts on “Video Sad Sack”

  1. I don’t know why, but that first line cracked me up. I think it might be a Southern thing because I can picture my grandmother saying something like that if she was into Videoblogging.

  2. Oops, clicked on submit too soon.

    I’m just showing my support. Even though it was a daily thing and you were only able to put in one entry, it was a damn good entry.

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