Magnatune Embraces Podcasting

A correspondent sent me this link to this page at Magnatune laying out their commitment to podcasting. They prefer that you use the higher quality version of their music if you are going to podcast it, so you can get a pseudo credit card number from them that you can use to download them. Wow, that’s almost crazy in its support! I didn’t notice it the first time I looked at the page, but down at the bottom is a link to the interview I did with John Buckman for Voices in Your Head.

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5 thoughts on “Magnatune Embraces Podcasting”

  1. Dave you sly silver-tongued devil you. Not only am I totally ecstatic about this great music podcasting news, I’m going to have to get you and John dancing in my head. Color this-excellent! Have a shinier day!

  2. Dave,
    After I heard your Buckman interview, I bought some music to use for my podcast starting last year. (Thanks!) And I just got a cc number several weeks ago.. Its way cool..

  3. Wow, I’m really pleased to hear you all so excited about our Magnatune podcasting policies.

    What I love is that Elliot Spitzer is suing the major record labels for payola to radio stations (labels have to pay to play) yet those same labels refuse to let podcasters play their music, when podcasting is obviously another broadcast & promotion mechanism for a record label.

    Well… our win, that’s why we’re really pushing podcasting at Magnatune, and I’m happy to see you guys using our music!

    -john (the magnatune guy)

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