Beachy Keen

Late last evening we took our first trip to the beach this spring. I think around Christmas was the last time we took a stroll on the sand, this is the first one warm enough to kick off shoes since last fall. It was fun and I took some video of the dog frolicking about.

Unfortunately, this weekend is also the first drowning of the season. I walked ankle deep into the water, and my guess is that this poor kid was in serious trouble ten minutes after he was pulled out into the rip current. I’m a little amazed that anyone was willing to swim in water that cold. 20 seconds of my feet submerged was plenty for me.

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  1. Hey, man, don’t hide from Harlan Ellison’s wrath. Go to his site and confront him like a man. He can take criticism if you can make a good argument, which you cannot in this case.

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