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I guess it was bound to happen eventually. I had 8 or so people join my Frappr map all at once, and when you look at them, they have links to pharaceutical spam URLs. These scumbags are the fire ants of the online world – eventually they get into everything and when they do it’s swarm time.

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4 thoughts on “Frappr Spam”

  1. In the past few days, I’ve actually met some of these scumbags personally! I went to a so called worksop about e-commerce. And it was filled with Johnny-come-lately web entrepreneurs, whose idea of making it big in e-commerce, was selling dubious products online through spam and creating weblogs with bogus claims about the products to generate fake buzz.

    Half of the ones I talked to have no clue how to do anything. It’s all “buy this and buy that” and “invest in this email management list program” and “sign up with this company” to set up the fake blog and write your own fake promotional crap. The extent of web entrepreneurship in this bunch starts and ends in knowing to enter URLs in a browser.

    What a joke.

    Next time I go to one of these things, I’m taking my boxing gloves.

  2. Hey, there’s probably a web business model hidden in there! How much would you pay for someone else to go punch a spammer you hate? 🙂

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