Uplifter Waning

It seems like the meeting is winding down. There are ostensibly 45 more minutes left, but everyone left a little bit ago so I think it is effectively over. It was a really good meeting, a number of people of various levels of experience and question. People were helped, questions asked and answered about blogs and vlogs and podcasts, recommendations put forth, conversations had and connections made. A number of Charlestonian techies met each other and were introduced, some who knew each other but didn’t know they shared these interests. In short, the theory worked in practice, god love it. I’d have to go look at the sign in sheet, but it seems like 20 or 30 people came through at one point or another. That’s actually a better turnout than I was expecting. I call Uplifter Charleston a wild success.

Thanks to Dan and Janet for organizing it. It was a great afternoon.

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