History of Podcasting

Dan Klass wrote this article about the early days of podcasting. I participated in it grudgingly and with mixed feelings. On the one hand, getting the story as correct as possible is a fine goal, but on the other I’m not terribly interested in navel gazing self-hagiography of ourselves and our new medium. I believe when I talked to Dan, I tried to get inserted a person who was an early pioneer doing interesting work who goes entirely unmentioned in these things. In the first months of podcasting, Gordon Smith did several months of consecutive daily commentaries to explain the behind the scenes of his photo blog. He still does the photos (and I’m still subscribed) but he has stopped doing the commentaries. I listened to them and found the experiment really fascinating and truly an innovative use of the medium. For all that some people bitch and moan about being undermentioned in these things, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Gordon referred to once. That’s a shame.

Dan made a factual error in the part about me. He referred to this show as starting on September 15, 2004. That’s wrong. I started August 20th. September 15th was the day that I was the first person to use the term “podcast” within one.

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