Jazz in Conway

Tomorrow will be the Rivertown Jazz and Arts Festival in downtown Conway SC. The headliner of this event will be John Scofield. I’m excited about having a guy of this stature playing for free about 12 blocks from my house. When I first heard about this, I had misremembered when Scofield played with Miles Davis as being in the period I most liked – the post-electric Bitches Brew/Live Evil/Agharta era. In fact, Scofield played with him in the period when Davis was doing Cyndi Lauper covers, but still. I’ll be there and am so proud of my little town for going big on this festival. I hope to post photos and/or video later.

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3 thoughts on “Jazz in Conway”

  1. Dave says:

    Yeah, man… that should be great! Sco is such a versatile and fluid player… That’ll be awesome.

    As for Miles, it was John McLaughlin (future fame: Mahavishnu Orchestra) who played with Miles on the Bitches Brew sessions (and then played on Miles’ Jack Johnson album, which has some of the coolest guitar work ever, but I digress…).

    Anyway… Enjoy. 🙂

  2. dave says:

    Dave, I remembered McLaughlin was in there, but I thought he and Scofield were in the band at the same time. I had a period where I was really into jazz fusion and listened to lots of Mahavishnu and Return to Forever and Weather Report and such. I’ll report back how the Scofield show was.

  3. There was another guitarist from the slightly post “Bitches-period” called Pete Cosey. Might you be thinking of him? http://www.progreviews.com/reviews/display.php?rev=md-agh
    Even though the genre and bands you mentioned received much scathing from the critics(what do ever they know anyway)-it ws some great stuff. i saw he original Mahavishnu and RTF with Al DiMeola. Never saw Weather Report or Jaco Pastorious though. Sco should be great-he’s a gifted and versatile musician. Great that something of this level is happening so close to home.

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