Back in Town

I spent the last few days in Research Triangle and Cary NC. It was lots of work at HQ, with a little bit of doing big city stuff in the evenings. I made my now traditional trip to the Apple Store in Durham, hung out at the mall and chilled in the suburban retail paradise. I looked into buying a replacement battery for my iBook but $129 seemed too steep for an impulse buy so I ended up just chilling and using the wifi and doing some guerilla promotion by going to the demo computers and navigating on Safari to AmigoFish. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Now I’m back, and wiped out.

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One thought on “Back in Town”

  1. guerilla promotion, i like that – but of course they start fresh w/ their default each day…

    there must be a way to wrangle your huge following to get a “guerilla promotion of amigofish day” organized…

    something like: ask every egc listener to go to their local apple store, cyber-cafe, etc and set the browser or home default to amigofish…

    just a random thought on a sleepy, rainy northeast morning 😉

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