Hammer Down

The last week and change has been slammed. My time from the trip to Raleigh last week through the weekend was filled with solid work. From Monday to Tuesday we took a super fast trip to the beach at Wilmington NC – not the best time for it but we’d had it scheduled since before I knew about the deadline at work. I ended up getting up at 4:30 AM Monday and putting in a nearly full day before we left. It was damnably difficult to leave and come back here Tuesday, I can tell you. Monday the weather was kind of crappy and cold and windy, and Tuesday it was just perfect. We managed to get a little beach time in that morning so we didn’t feel cheated. While up there, we got a little retail time in at stores they don’t have around the Grand Strand. My beach book was Mike Grell’s novelization of his Jon Sable Freelance comic book series of the 80s. I made it about 70 pages, and once the carnage started I had to stop reading to pack up our stuff. I can say without a doubt it’s not a particularly good book, but it is a page-turning enjoyable book. It helps that I’m pre-approved to like the character.

Once we got back, solid work from the moment I walked in the door through today. A man shouldn’t be this tired two days after coming back from the beach. Such is my life.

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