Aimee Mann Channels Abbey Road

I recently watched the episode of the Henry Rollins show that had PT Anderson talking movies and Aimee Mann as the musical guest. That led me to break out my copy of Bachelor No. 2 and spin it. When I first got this album, and even before when I had MP3s of a few of the songs, I listened obsessively. I must have listened to “Ghost World” and “Calling it Quits” hundreds of times each. I never really noticed before how much the album reminds me of Abbey Road in some strange way. The way the lead guitar sounds, the feeling of the songs and all just put me in mind of it.

This might be because my subconscious mind is always trying to connect everything to Abbey Road at all times. Anytime I see one of those lists of the best albums of all time that has Sergeant Pepper up top, I always scoff and point out that it isn’t even the third best Beatles album. If history was different and they had released the single disc White Album without some of the weaker/weirder stuff, SP might not even be in the top half.

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2 thoughts on “Aimee Mann Channels Abbey Road”

  1. braincell says:

    So called experts seem to think Rubber Soul was the best Beatles Album.

    The “weirder” stuff on the White Album was an attempt to break expectations and assert freedom from the record labels and perhaps to shock and horrify executives. BRAVO! In the past labels had dictated to them what could or could not be included on an album. The Beatles finally had the power to decide for themselves what was included and after all it was their album. Perhaps the more unusual offerings were an attempt to weed out fans who aren’t open minded.

    Tradition and convention is a horribly insidious and banal part of society. At it’s best it offers us more of the same crap we already have and at it’s worst death and destruction. I hope there are more number nine revolutions and negativelands.

  2. Kurtiss Hare says:

    PTA on the Henry Rollins show: Thanks for the pointer, Dave.

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