High and Low

Tonight we went on an impromptu evening dog walk at the beach. Man, do I love living in a place where that is possible. When we came home, we had some Qdoba burritos and then watched the oldest movie taped on our DVR – Requiem for a Dream. It’s been on there since last October and finally we got to it.

It was definitely a good, well made film and entirely a downer. It wasn’t really unlike what I was expecting, but was even a little more extreme in the final act. I think this would be a good movie to show to kids to straighten them up. It was way more effective than any anti-drug PSA I’ve ever seen.

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2 thoughts on “High and Low”

  1. Chris C. says:

    I saw that in the theaters, having hugely enjoyed Aronofksy’s Pi. The otherwise overrated Rachel Weisz scores big points for hooking up with him …

    We haven’t watched a single movie at home in months, ever since I started filling our time with Colbert Robert tapings. That’s the best thing on TV right now, seems too good to last in fact.

    The oldest thing in our DVR is the six-hour opus “Country Boys” that aired on PBS in January. Real Soon Now, right after I finish with the internet.

  2. Brian M. says:

    I was probably fortunate not to have seen that one in the theater, because right after watching it for the first time I hit rewind (old vhs) and then played it again. I’m a huge fan of the Kronos Quartet, and they performed Clint Mansell’s soundtrack quite well. Pi was quite good, especially considering Aronofsky’s shoe string budget.

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