Eddie Campbell Graphical Interview

Powells.com has an interview with comic writer/artist Eddie Campbell done in graphical form. It’s quite interesting, much like the Scott McCloud thing I blogged about some time ago, although that one was photographic and more like a fumetti than this, which is pure Campbellenalia.

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  1. PJ Cabrera says:

    Being a curious sort, I clicked around at Powells.com after reading the Eddie Campbell interview, and found this:


    I figured you may be interested in it.

    Here’s a quote:

    One of the things I learned was how implicated we are in this situation. Our expectations: at the end of the industrial food chain is an industrial eater who wants strawberries, tomatoes, and asparagus twelve months a year, who wants their food convenient, sliced and cleaned and bagged, everything but chewed and swallowed for them.

    Things change when you leave the supermarket. Suddenly you’re eating in season. Suddenly you’re cooking, because you’re not going to find any processed food at the farmers’ market. And then if you go the next step and join a CSA, Community Supported Agriculture, which I’ve done since writing the book — you basically subscribe to a farm and get the weekly box — there, you’re even letting the farmer set the menu. You become a partner in what’s going on at the farm. If they have a lot of kohlrabi, you’re going to be eating a lot of kohlrabi that week. You’re going to have to read your cookbooks again, and you’re going to eat differently. That’s radically non-industrial eating. That’s been a big change.

    I try to avoid food products. When people ask me, “What should I eat?” I say, “A real simple rule of thumb: If your great-great-grandmother wouldn’t have recognized it as food, stay away from it. It probably isn’t.”

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