Vloggercon Sold Out

… in the good way, of course. I would really have liked to have gone to Vloggercon. I was offered the shot at presiding over a session on the conjunction of podcasting and vlogging and I’d have dug doing it, but I just can’t do all these things. I only have so many trips to California in me and there wasn’t enough spare cycles in the life lately. Hope everyone that’s going enjoys it! I might check out the online portion of stuff as I can.

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One thought on “Vloggercon Sold Out”

  1. BayTaper says:

    Sorry you couldn’t make it to vloggercon. I was just searching for loggercon tags and found your post. Anyway, just wanted to say high and let you know that the event was pretty inspiring to be there in person to attend. Hopefully, you’re getting your fill virtually at least through streaming and archived sessions. See you later!

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