One for One

The first tropical storm of the season and the center of the storm track is right through my area. At least this one is pretty weak as far as wind strength goes, although it is predicted to dump a whole lot of rain on us. I’d be tightening my galoshes if I owned them. Maybe I need some.

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One thought on “One for One”

  1. PJ Cabrera says:

    Brace for impact! Klingons on the bridge!

    I hope Alberto doesn’t pick up strength once it crosses the FL peninsula and reaches the Atlantic.

    Here in PR we have a tropical depression formed in the southeast, near Trinidad/Barbados, Georgia Popplewell and Caribbean Free Radio. It is bound to become storm #2 of the season (whatever it’s called, I forgot the list of names already.) As it inches west, it’s going to dump a lot of rain on us, but not as much as Alberto is going to dump on you.

    It’s sad that June has barely started and Florida is already getting slammed on again. :: sigh ::

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