Stress Relief

Here’s a bit of advice for you Apple laptop users. If the little bit of stress relief rubber at the charging tip ever breaks off or comes loose, fix it immediately. I did not, and I’m paying the price. In a few weeks, the charger went from perfect to barely usable. I have to fiddle with the cord to make it charge, and then not move the laptop on my desk while it is actually working.

Good thing I just bought that replacement battery so that I have 4+ hours of life. The original, several year old battery was down to about 90 minutes per charge. Now, I charge it overnight, unplug and work, charge again around lunchtime, charge again at the end of the day and then unplug in the evening. If I’m lucky, I can get through my day with 3 charge cycles. It’s more strain on the battery than I’d like, but not being able to lean back in my chair or work from the couch or futon whilst plugged up is a drag.

I’ve got this 3rd party charger on order. It looks like hell but is 60% cheaper than the Apple version and has a better rating. I should be here Thursday which is good, because every time I try to fish around and the orange light doesn’t come on, I have visions of my laptop sitting dead with me unable to work until UPS gets here.

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3 thoughts on “Stress Relief”

  1. hugh says:

    Ooh. Pretty blue light. Is the Mac power connector something your friendly local RatShak can’t supply you with? They carry some pretty exotic ones.

  2. why use apple laptop and suffer from stress. get a windows laptop and get relaxed.

  3. Gwydion says:

    You should know better than to tell a mac user to get a PC… If this were my post, I’d be all over you for that…

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