Goodbye, Podcasting News

I’ve been subscribed to the RSS feed for Podcasting News, probably since right around the time the site started. Today I unsubscribed because I just hit my limit. Their stories with no links are pretty much useless in a web context. It’s pretty damn frustrating to consistently be forced to Google after reading one of those stories because they fail to provide hyperlinks back to the source material. It’s like needing to stop and eat on the way home from a restaurant – not a ticket for a lasting happy user experience.

I also have never been a big fan of their links to a show feed that actually take you to another one of their pages with the feed in it. I always feel like I’m getting milked for one more page view to their advertisers when I click that. So, as of today I’m no longer one of their marks for this grift. Podcasting News people, time for you to go back and read a little Cluetrain because you have derailed.

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Dave Slusher is a blogger, podcaster, computer programmer, author, science fiction fan and father. Member of the Podcast Hall of Fame class of 2022.