Mytle Beach Craigslist

Hey, Myrtle Beach is in Craiglist! When the hell did that happen? I don’t see anything older than the 15th, and only one thing older than last Sunday so maybe it just went live this week. Right on!

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2 thoughts on “Mytle Beach Craigslist”

  1. Robert Harvey says:

    You didn’t mention the KISS coffeehouse opening..listed under the gigs/creative section. I would love to hear Gene Simmons say “THIS IS GENE SIMMONS AND YOU ARE LISTENING TO THE EVIL GENIUS CHRONICLES” I’m sure he would do it for a few bucks.

  2. PJ Cabrera says:

    I was totally flabbergasted when I was at, looking at jobs by region, and I saw among the regions. The classifieds are full of NYC ads, though.

    Which makes perfect sense, since per capita, the Bronx is the capital of PR. 😉

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