Ann Coulter vs. Hitler Quiz

Here’s a quiz where given actual statements each as made, you can guess whether the statement was made by Ann Coulter or Adolf Hitler. I got 9 right and 5 wrong. My strategy to get above random was that if it sounded at all eloquent I assumed it was Hitler and if it was just nonsensical I assumed Coulter.

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8 thoughts on “Ann Coulter vs. Hitler Quiz”

  1. I got the same score on this; interesting, but I have to say that characterizing Ms. Coulter’s remarks as the moral equivalent to one of the most infamous mass-murderers is a not the best strategy. I’m sure such quotes can be found from many sources, even liberals at certain times in history, so I’m not sure if this proves anything. We might not agree with Ms. Coulter’s views but she is part of the political conversation these days. The only thing these types of things do is distract the observer from the true issues which are critically important now.

  2. I got 9 right, 6 rong. Meaning? -that Coulter and Hitler share the same degree of foaming, mindless hatred for entire races and political groups. Hitler did work a lot harder on his speeches… While not denying Hitler “credit” for his millions of deaths via his massive IBM-punch-card-driven genocide machine, I am confident that Coulter would easily exceed his totals if ever given enough power (shudder).

  3. I got 10 correct, 4 wrong. Strangely, I didn’t even really base my answers on context at all. I based them on, “Does this language / sentence structure sound like it was uttered in the 30-40’s or more recently?”

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