In Between Days

I don’t think I blogged this in text, although I talked about it in the recent podcasts. I was in Raleigh last week wrapping up my current job. At the end of this week, I start on the new one. I wanted to have a few days buffer for transition issues, and also to recharge the batteries a little.

Exhaustion and burnout are a big factor in this change, so I plan on watching some movies and reading some books and perhaps even lying on the beach if the weather cooperates. On Tuesday the KISS coffeehouse opens, and I might go up there just for fun. Just like Nixon, I hope to end the week “tanned and relaxed.”

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One thought on “In Between Days”

  1. good for you dave – have fun…

    my 14yr old son ian and i finally worked in the time to see jack black’s nacho libre yesterday – i highly recommend it as a mindless, entertaining, relaxingly fun movie (w/ liberal fart machine usage)…

    especially if you are at all a closet luchador 😉

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