My Enthusiasm is Curbed

As much as I enjoyed Seinfeld, having now watched a number of the episodes there is no doubt in my mind that Curb Your Enthusiasm is a far funnier show. The chef with Tourette’s episode with the “I am Spartacus” swearing moment might be the funniest scene of TV I’ve ever seen. Forget Lucy shoving chocolates in her mouth, that’s not even a grin on my scale. Larry David reigns supreme.

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3 thoughts on “My Enthusiasm is Curbed”

  1. It sounds really funny, just from that one episode description alone. Now I just have to try this series out. I’ll torrent down the first few episodes.

  2. Watched the pilot (“The Pants Tent”) and the HBO Special series intro thing. Funny, but not laugh out funny. The “black guy nod” thing from the HBO Special had me giggling for a very long time, so that’s a good sign.

    I’m waiting for episodes 2 through 5 to come down the torrent, so I can keep watching.

    I think it’s funny that after Seinfeld, Larry David creates a show about the life of another stand-up comedian. But this time it’s his own life under the Larry-scope.

  3. Success! Season 1 Episode 3 had me laughing till tears started coming down my cheeks, and gasping for air. Truly crazy, outrageous!

    I went to the Curb Your Enthusiasm website and found the episode you mentioned in the episode guide for Season 5.

    I am downloading all seasons, but making me laugh till I can’t breath is worth compensation. Since I am not an HBO subscriber (or rather, my dad won’t let me add HBO to *his* cable TV package,) I preordered the DVD set for Season 5, which is coming out in a month. Oh, and a pair of half-full/half-empty glasses. LOL

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