Nacho Libre

I’m actually a fan of lucha libre to the point I’ve considered getting the Spanish language tier on our cable so that I can watch it on Galavision on Saturdays. I own on VHS and DVD El Santo movies. I have my own mask, boots and tights. I also really like Jack Black. Basically, you can’t find a more receptive audience for Nacho Libre than me. And I didn’t really like the movie. I didn’t hate it, but it was just ehhh. At 89 minutes, it felt long. It wasn’t over the top and ridiculous enough to be crazy fun, it didn’t have enough wrestling in it and just didn’t have enough of anything. It dragged along being not very funny, spending a lot of time in the dull monastery and not that much time in the ring. I can’t recommend this film. It had all the ingredients to be hilarious, and just never seemed to try that hard to get there.

On the upside, when it was done I went for a walk on the beach since I was already most of the way there. That part was fun.

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