I saw Jay Leno do his standup act in the late 80’s when he played at Georgia State University. I thought he was gut-bustingly funny, even funnier than George Carlin who played Georgia Tech around the same time. Nowadays, though, I can’t watch him for 30 seconds without turning off the TV. Has he just become a glib auto-pilot hack, or have I become a surly crank? I guess both might be true.

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2 thoughts on “Leno”

  1. JMurk says:

    Check out Bill Hicks’ bit, “Artistic Roll Call” from the “Rant in E-Minor” album. And that was from thirteen years ago. So if you’re becoming a surly crank, consider yourself in good company.

    ArrrrRrrrr! RrrrRrrr! RrrrRrrrRrrrrrr!

  2. Chris C. says:

    Door number one, dude. Nobody with a brain has watched that guy for years; he exists for the Walmart crowd (e.g. look at the silly things I found in the paper!) Switching over to Letterman is marginally more entertaining.

    Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert continue to run the ball way ahead of anyone else. But perhaps they just appeal perfectly to me because I am so deeply cynical about politics and the American populace.

    FYI, I don’t usually watch his show (just not high enough on the ingest list), but next week Conan O’Brien looks like he’ll have a good run of guests.


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