Say It Ain’t So

Now that I’m working out of the house, I don’t see a lot of blogosphere stuff and email until the end of the day. That’s why I didn’t see this bit about Amanda leaving Rocketboom until just now. I watched the video and like Doug Kaye, I really wanted it to be a hoax. An insider who knows much more than me, Chuck Olsen says it isn’t in both that post and the comments.

Amanda and Andrew have been very good to me, giving me some Rocketboom link love for both my podcast and for AmigoFish. I wish both of them the best in their subsequent endeavors. It seems unlikely that the lightning can be put back in the bottle, but where there is life there is hope. My hope is still that it’s a hoax, just a very convincing one with a lot of co-conspirators.

Update: Now, more detail on the situation direct from Amanda. Esperanza muere ultima. I do kind of agree with some of the commentary that I’ve seen that in this case, Amanda is probably in better position without Rocketboom than vice versa. According to her post above, she and Mario were doing the show by themselves lately anyway. Sadly enough, I’m so far behind in my vlog watching that I haven’t seen any of the shows in this whole time period.

In the best case, Amanda goes on to something else and it’s great and Rocketboom continues with a new host and a new chemistry and it’s great. Fingers are crossed. In that post, Amanda sounds like her situation isn’t currently very good. My advice, take as much of Calcanis’ Netscape money as you can possibly get out of him or even use it as the fuse to ignite a bidding war. We don’t have a big wealth of experience in new media, but what we do now is that things come and go quickly and one must strike while the iron is hot. We also know that the iron can cool quickly, so the good offers will have about the shelf life of shellfish.

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  1. Before all this stuff hitting the fan I heard Andrew on a podcast (can’t remember which one), bragging about how much money they were making and saying how he was going to be the next media mogul/billionaire and how this would never end. To me he seemed more than just a little “off”.

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