Interview Me!

I’m back in the interviewing ring. It’s kind of odd how I go months between being interviewed by anyone, and then I get a few in a few days. This has happened multiple times, and it’s happening again now.

Last night I was interviewed by Tim Bourquin about the session I’ll be doing at Podcast and Portable Media Expo. Since it’s still several months off, I have thought about the themes a lot but not in the specifics so much. As such, there was a little tap dancing while we talked but I think it went well. Talking about it helped refine my thinking a little, and I think much like last year I’ll kick around draft versions of the talk in the podcast and let people provide their feedback and hone it that way. It was really successful and satisfying working that way last year.

Today, I was interviewed on camera by Scott and Brandon of Open Roadtrip. As they travel from D.C. to Savannah, they spent last night in Myrtle Beach and around lunchtime we met up at the river front in Conway to talk podcasting and new media and open culture and creative commons and such. I was a little over my head at certain points when it got legalish and policy wonky and such, but I tried to soldier on. I did read a little from my hymnal, talking up the value of creating media for the sheer pleasure of it and for the beneficial effects it has on you. Between the two interviews, I think I’ve figured out the skeleton of my talk.

Scott and Brandon will be posting all the raw footage, audio and photos from their trip so when my interview is available (it might be a while) I’ll link to it. They have an interesting possibility in assembling the documentary. They are taking footage of themselves doing the road trip as well as the interviews. I think the two narratives might just work quite well together. And, if you don’t like the job they do you can always edit together your own cut. When you look at their footage from Conway, South Carolina the bit with them fishing a frisbee out of the marina was shot by me. Send the blame for the shakiness, bad framing and the inability to work the zoom my way.

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