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Pete Prodoehl has an interesting venture called PayMeToBlog. As a starter/demo project did a video for AmigoFish that is awesome! It’s funny and clever and highly useful. Yes, that really is a photo of me in the Mexican wrestler mask towards the end. Check out the video and look over the project. It’s an idea that has potential in that Million Dollar homepage sort of way.

The only problem I see is that I think his prices are too low. Me personally, although $25 for a video is a good price (and the AmigoFish one is worth many times that) I worry that the economical price will cause people to value it less and thus not participate. In other words, I think he’d sell more at a higher price.

In my post at the AmigoFish blog, I originally was prick enough to misspell Pete’s name. That’s a poor reward for someone doing something so nice. I hereby apologize for my churlishness and carelessness. I eat the (Wisconsin) cheese.

Later: Doggone it, I meant to publish this before leaving for work and I arrive home to find the draft sitting here. It’s obviously going to take a while to get back in the swing of combining an ordinary working life with the dorky nerdtopia of the blogosphere.

Update: Pete has emailed me to make it clear that he did not do this job gratis. He did get paid for it, I just wasn’t the one who paid. So, thank you mystery benefactor! I thank you and the AmigoFish project thanks you.

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8 thoughts on “Pay Me to Blog”

  1. Prices so low, we must be CRAAAZY!!! It’s ok, we’ll make it up on volume…

  2. O that’s great. For a new blogger this is gonna be great. But tell me onething that why you have priced it too low!

  3. I’m pretty cheap… when I buy things, and when I sell things. I want products and services to be affordable. It must be my midwest roots. What prices would you recommend?

  4. dave says:

    Pete, I’m with you there on living cheap, which I think is the way to go. My point is this – who do you intend to be the buyer of these posts? If individuals out of their own pocket, then it makes sense to price low. If companies, then it makes no sense to price so low because that will probably turn them off and they aren’t so terribly price sensitive anyway. Like Geoghegan says about new media dealing with the corporate world – “businesses aren’t set up to write a lot of $50 checks.”

    I’d suggest at least a number in the three digits for the videos. Otherwise, some media buyer will look and say “This can’t possibly be of value if he only charges $25.”

  5. Dame you Dave, making sense again… I might have to re-think the pricing scale.

  6. mike dunn says:

    but the media buyers will want to see a track record first, which will probably be made up of the smaller folks requests – and your faq clearly states: (Note: We reserve the right to change these prices at any time.) – my take is stick w/ your initial pricing until you scale up and then go for a more commercially viable pricing like dave recommends…

  7. dave says:

    I could see a split between the pricing for individuals vs. business. The current scheme for small ventures and individuals, a higher price for essentially the same service for larger organizations because it is “enterprise”. Hell, it works for software.

  8. I’ll probably hold steady as it is right now, until I actually get a few more real customers. Thanks for the advice guys!

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