The Return of the mobiBLU

Holy crap, commentor Jared gave me instructions on how to revive my dead mobiBLU, and it worked! It took 30 minutes of installing, flashing, rebooting, reinstalling, etc but now that it is done, the cube is once again alive. Thank you Jared! I should note that I left a voice mail with mobiBLU support, who never got back to me. A random guy on a comment thread did far more for me than the company that I am a customer of. I still don’t recommend that anyone sink their money into these things but I’m glad this one is no longer a (tiny) brick.

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2 thoughts on “The Return of the mobiBLU”

  1. Please help me. My cube is dead, I connect the USB and nothing happens. I run the update and it never finds it. What should I do?

  2. I’m afraid that I can’t any thing above what Jared posted (follow the link in the main post). That is all I know about it. I’d suggest starting with the installer from the CD as Jared posts and see if that recognizes it.

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