I’m well into GTD day. I have assembled my giant in-box (which is one side of my office), done my “mind-sweep” to collect projects, gathered together a bunch of file folders and a place to put them and generally got myself in position. Now it is time to begin the processing of the monster pile. As it happens, we also cleaned up all the incoming mail yesterday and did some tidying things around the house, so the decks are clear. From here on out, any mail that requires my attention will go into my “in box” to be processed with everything else.

I should also note that I don’t have an actual box. I’ve decided for now to make this big shelf near my desk the de facto in box. Everything that is pending processing will go there. I figure a metaphorical box is as good as a literal one. As long as I know what I’m doing, it should all be cool.

My Hipster PAA is also ready to go. For my friend Chris’ reference, I have about 6 minutes invested in it so far. That was spent printing out the cover on card stock then cutting, folding and stapling so that I have a pocket in the back. As I process things, my project lists and such will all go on 3X5 cards which I will stick in the Hipster, clip it up and move on. I bought the 300 pack of these bad boys at Office Depot for $1.99, so I can make quite a few abortive attempts without running out.

Here we go, on to the pile!

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  1. Ian Brodie says:

    Good luck with the GTD and Hipster PDA implementation Dave. Persevere through the inevitable sticky patches, get into a disciplined groove of writing absolutely everything down, and you’ll begin to see the benefits in no time. It really worked for me, and I wasn’t that disorganised in the first place. Some of my experiences are captured on


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